Infant Developmental Movement

Meg has brought her work with developing infants and children into a series of classes she calls


                                                               MIND IN MOTION


In this work, we explore the interplay of sensory awareness/perception and the underlying

organization of human movement.  We look into the basic anatomy and physiology of the senses,

the development of awareness, accompanied by related movement patterning from gestation

through infancy and on into more complex patterns of learning and growth.  As we mature, our

intelligence, awareness and learning patterns are integrated throughout the whole of our

sensory-motor system, always related to our coordination and experience of motion.  In this work,

we will examine the effects of habit patterns established during our development and the

potential for present attention in all our daily movements, in sports and in the performing arts.


We look specifically at the sequence of neuro-motor reflex development, the primitive and

postural reflex mechanisms that underlie and support our movement throughout our lives.  We

explore correspondences between human movement as it develops in utero and related

movement patterns reflected in the natural evolution of other animal species.


Meg teaches this work individually at P.A.C.E., as part of the Movement Studies Curriculum at

Pomona College, and to teachers and trainees of the Alexander Technique throughout the U.S.

For more information about this exciting work, read Meg's recent article in the Alexander Journal

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