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Who can benefit from lessons?

Training in Alexander Technique involves rediscovering the body’s inherent, natural reflexes for upright balance and support in gravity. Its benefits of expressive, easy motion can be applied to daily life, athletics and the performing arts.

Daily Life – This technique helps us recognize our own habits of holding, narrowing or constriction, and teaches us to “inhibit” or stop creating these patterns in our bodies and in our minds. We learn to redirect ourselves toward openness.

Athletics – The Alexander Technique teaches us how to step out of habitual performance patterns, and affords us concerted practice in present attention, positive intent, directed energy, and muscle use appropriate to the demands of each moment.

Performing Arts – For those who use their bodies as an instrument (actors, singers, dancers, musicians, artists, athletes), the Alexander Technique is a practice in discovering a wide range of expressive options outside the habitual “costume” of our everyday postural, emotional and movement habits.

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Workshop in Malibu

Meg Jolley will offer a free workshop in the Alexander Technique in the Point Dume Clubhouse on Sunday, September 22, 2019, from 4 to 5 pm.

The reality about posture and physical exercise.

The things that help and the misunderstanding about movement.



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