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Meg Jolley is an AmSAT certified Alexander

Technique teacher residing in Los Angeles.

She teaches at her studio (P.A.C.E.) in

Pasadena and at Pomona College in Claremont, California.  Meg is also certified in Applied Kinesiology and as a teacher of Jessica Wolf's Art of Breathing, based on the work of Carl Stough.  Meg offers workshops at conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad and guest teaches at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA.)





Meg has been on the faculty of Pomona College (Claremont, CA) since

1983.  She is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and movement educator.

This year, at Pomona, Meg has the opportunity to

work with a wide variety of students and faculty on movement awareness

and the AlexanderTechnique, as it applies to:


Athletics—both in terms of peak performance and injury prevention.

Meg's current research is in the direction of "Quiet Eye Training" and the effects

of visual training on athletic performance.

The Performing Arts -- in fine-tuning the artistic instrument (voice, breath

work, body movement, stage presence, performance enhancement and injury prevention throughout rehearsal and performance processes.)  Meg's work with the Art of Breathing Techniques is particularly useful in working with actors, dancers, singers, musicians and visual artists--indeed any of us who use our bodies as an instrument of performance.


Daily Life -- the improvement of general coordination, ease and efficiency of movement and chronic pain relief for students in the functional tasks of daily life.


On the faculty of Pomona College's Department of Theatre and Dance, Meg

currently teaches the Alexander Technique, Anatomy-Kinesiology, Explorations in Somatic Movement Techniques and Mind in Motion (a study of

the evolution of sensory awareness and movement patterning in fetal

and early infant development.)  Other classes in her teaching repertoire

are Ballet, Limon-based Modern Dance, Dance Improvisation, Composition and Stretch-Placement / Injury Prevention Techniques for Athletes.